Symposium 0.2 notes.

Here’s some notes I wrote down during todays Symposium.

(warning: they may be jumbled and not make much sense to you, but they do to me haha)

Hypertext and storytelling

  • Film can’t use hypertext
  • In film, story might be broken to non linear, but we have to watch it from start to finish – no choice to how we structure films
  • Corsacow – you choose what you want to view next.

‘Hypertext is dated but present here’ (Adrian)

  • small parts and how they are connected.
  • multiple relationships
  • when editing film it’s exactly the same – multiple points of connection.
  • Not just about the reader – the computer can also be programmed to work with the reader.

Validation of our work posted online:

  • Write in a personal journal – help us remember things, think through things, express our ideas and think out loud.
  • writing for an audience, posting online – other people reading it doesn’t make it any more valid

With this, I think I slightly disagree….. I feel that if my work is read/seen by other people, it holds more validation as a blog post ….. HOWEVER ….. I do very much agree that just because no one may read/see a blog post, that is not a reason to not write and post.

Linking from my stuff to someone elses – economic transaction – building the structure of the web! We do this, all of us, everyday.

……. and then I kinda stopped writing notes and just listened …….

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