For my final analysis post before writing my essay, I am going to map out what I’ll be writing for it. Upon reading the guidelines for this essay, I’m a little apprehensive as it’s far from a conventional essay. This essay will be highly self reflexive which is something I’m not used to. Hopefully I will be able to combine my personal experience and critique with some quotes from academic resources and have these two aspects flow into one another.

For my introduction I will start by placing my findings from documenting my media use into context of the course. For this part I will briefly look at Web 1.0-2.0 and how this changed consumerism on the web (I may tie in my experiences of consuming content from day 3 in here). I will then introduce the different areas of my documentation process that I will be exploring and briefly introduce the corresponding theories from my academic resources. My first area will relay how I have discovered I’m a passive media consumer and how according to my resource I may not be alone in this. My second area will look at my finding on notifications and a corresponding case study.

For my evidence section of the essay I will describe my process of documenting my media use and how I covered seven different areas and was thus able to learn something new about my media use each day.

For my evaluation of documenting my media use I will relay what I have learnt about authoring, publishing and distributing media online. In terms of creating content I discovered how and why I became so passive in my media use. At this point Ill identify issues I encountered in the process that include me producing very little content. I will then explore the topics I introduced in the introduction and explain why I have chosen these. I will include a few quotes to support my evidence but will try to maintain a personal voice.

For my conclusion I will summarise my findings and reflect on issues with my essay. One of which is that I perhaps was not able to explore media use in general as well as I could have because I am a very passive consumer. I will describe that I feel I need to produce more content and become more comfortable with this in order to improve my chances of faring well in the media industry.