In today’s blog on tracking my media use, I’ll be focusing how I use media for entertainment purposes. My main form of entertainment is Youtube and I can often spend a good hour or two watching new videos from channels I subscribe to and other suggested videos. Occasionally I’ll give a video a thumbs up but I have to find it very entertaining to do so. The only time I’ll comment on a video, is if a trustworthy channel I follow is doing a giveaway that requires subscribers to comment. Youtube is very easy for me to spend a lot of time on due to suggested videos that the app knows will interest me. Once I’ve had enough of Youtube, I’ll turn to Facebook to scroll through my newsfeed. This is always my go-to for a quick fix of entertainment as it is constantly being refreshed with new content. I think through social media the general public have become ravenous consumers always wanting something new and losing interest in it quickly. I even find myself hitting the refresh button far more than I need to and know that I lose attention of online content very quickly. This is why I can result to more unconventional methods of entertainment such as window shopping online. I’ll create wish lists and fill up my cart of things I want but may never end up purchasing. Up until today I had never purchased something online. I love the experience of browsing online and then going into the store and getting to touch and feel what I’m buying. However, when I received an email alerting me to an offer of 20% off all items for Surfstich (exclusively online), I figured why not replace my old sneakers and take my new card for a spin. It was a gratifying experience and something I think I will do again in the future.