This first semester of university has been particularly interesting indeed. From the basics of a camera to the intense study of popular cultures.


And it is through these studies that we find some convention to push us backwards. I’ve learnt a lot about copyright this year, and certainly this reflects the industry. I’ve heard of it before, the notion of ‘red tape’ boxing us in, but never realised it would ever actually apply to us as students?

I’ve failed assignments I’ve worked on because of this, I’ve been told that I am completely and utterly useless at what I do, that I have no technical ability at all, and that all the hard work I put in really turns out to be nothing.


So why do it anymore? What’s the point? If you’re no good at the only thing you’re supposed to be good at, the thing that you care most about, then what good is it all? My latest film is my most technical piece yet, it uses only stock footage which is chopped, layered and spliced through adjustment layers to create a rich tapestry.


I wanted to simulate the mind…the way in which thought processes work, the notion of the birth of an idea which brings forth a mass phenomenon.


But… I saw the looks I was given. The contemptuous eyes staring back at me, asking questions; I can feel the hate radiating. Media is a rocky, fast, treacherous torrent of water. It’s forever changing and forever engulfing us in its crap.


I hope next semester is better, or I won’t make it to the end of the year.


I’ve been kicked down into the filthy hole beneath the gutters. Where the other deadbeats go.

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