Space Station 76

This movie was stumbled upon one Friday night, as I was flicking from Lifestyle HD on Foxtel, through the movie guide. It’d just started on Premiere and I flicked over, waiting to be disappointed yet again by mediocre movies Foxtel claims as ‘exclusive’, but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.


Shot in the style of an 70’s sit-com, this movie employs the use of tracks, dollies, cut-ins and cut-outs to emulate the conflicts and contrastingly harmonious relationships on-board a space station suspended in 1976.


Thwart with internal and inter-relational character developments, this film somehow manages to pull it all off. Not for a second did I not believe in the characters’ motivations, nor the reasons for the over-prescribtion of Valium (Diazepam).


Seriously get around this movie, it was awesome, it also showed how collaborations can and can’t work, and why.


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