Women against feminism

‘Women against feminism’ …….

If that very title doesn’t set off alarm bells in your head, you’re reading the wrong blog post.

Just do me a favour, type it into google…


let your shock and faith in the human race slowly disintegrate as you click on the first result, a tumblr page dedicated to uneducated and terribly misinformed men and women, wishing to humiliate those who believe in equality.

When I first saw this website, I literally had to hold myself back from defenestrating my laptop out the window.

Then I wrote an anger ravaged piece and sent it to Catalyst, which will be published on the website this week.

Essentially, I am asking what the devil these people are thinking, putting such toxic messages into young people’s heads?

My core argument is that people’s lack of understanding leads to them jumping on the bandwagon, simply to avoid standing out. If anyone involved in this website had even the slightest skerick of common sense, general knowledge or self respect they might take the time to understand that feminism isn’t about women hating, being better than or trying to quash men. It is about making both sexes equally, on behalf of both genders.

In other news, THANK GOD for people like Emma Watson, I’m sure you’ve all seen her inspiring speech* to the UN last week. What a fantastic alternative to the negativity that all too often surrounds feminism today.

*Video credits to the official United Nations Website


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