Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture

“Is the history of media first and foremost the history of technological methods and devices? Or is the history of media better understood as the story of modern ideas of communication? Or is it about modes and habits of perception? Or about political choices and structures? Should we be looking for a sequence of separate “ages” with ruptures, revolutions, or par- adigm shifts in between, or should we be seeing more of an evolution? A progress? ”

In Lisa Gitelman’s questioning of the history of media, it lead me to consider how I regard media in my own mind, as I read through her discussion.

It appears to me that an individual’s consideration is dependent on their own personal experience of the media and technology.

If somebody has a heavy focus on using media for a functional purpose to enhance their personal life or career, they may see it in a more mechanical way than somebody who uses it for online dating, or sky ping family and friends. For us, as emerging media professionals, I imagine it is similar for most of us in the sense that we see media in a hybrid form.

Media has progressed a catastrophic amount in our lifetime, therefore we have had to learn to have an adaptive relationship with media rather than learn in the traditional, textbook manner.

So how do you all view media?



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