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Quiet life of crazy


Basically I chose this post because I think it marks the start of a very creative learning process and journey that I believe improves over time. This was the first marked piece of work that I made. In the reflection I talk about how, as young adult life is crazy. But there is a beauty in that craziness which some only recognise when they are older looking back. I tried to capture it, In some ways I failed in other ways I succeeded, but the most important spark it created was to get me back into thinking like a media maker and how to pursuit my creative side again as I had taken a gap year from VCE and hadn’t really exercised my skills in a while.

Breaking borders


Why I chose this post? It pushed my limits. Though I wasn’t my own subject and I was referring to the borders of another being broken- it broke my borders as well. It was hard for me to cover a subject that is quiet personal and I was extremely nervous when it came to presentation day and had to show this video to the class. But what did I gain out of it? It made me stronger and more confident in my work and myself no matter how personal or controversial or alienated the topic is, a film is a film and it deserves to be shown. I realised that if I am nervous to show people my work because of the subject matter that is all more the reason why people deserve to see it- food for thought, exploring something they may not be familiar with and therefore I should not shy away from expressing ideas no matter how personal.

“It’s not what you like, it’s what you’re like”- Emily Mitrevski


This was a light bulb moment for me not just because it changed my way of thinking for that project but it actually changed my way of thinking for every project and whenever I needed to be creative. Because it made me realise that if I think hard and long enough there is always another way I can look at the task and come from a completely different creative light. Having some say something so simple but have such an impact of me was awesome it really helped me understand that just because I’m not thinking that way doesn’t mean its not there I just have to dig deeper and question harder for a more whole and complete outcome.



This was an important assessment and blog for me because we learnt about collaboration which is easy enough to talk about but the importance of that lecture really kicked in when I had to put this idea to practice. Working with someone else on a film was a great experience… surprisingly enough I hadn’t done it all that much… I think once when I was a lot younger for a film contest but that was about it. Honestly this was a huge stepping stone for me in terms of learning skills that I will take out into the industry because unless I become a very very independent film maker the reality is that collaboration which become a huge part of my everyday work, so learning how to do it now and well is pretty crucial for me.



Another light bulb moment for me as realised that there was oh so much technical stuff I just didn’t know when It came down to the media making. Sound was one of them. Of course I knew the basic that a boom is used and it’s usually held above the actor but I never knew why. In the week we explored sound I came out of it feeling much more techno-savvy and ready to take on the world of sound (bit by bit) these are the exact reasons why I wanted to do this course for that feeling of improvement and to walk out the best kind of media maker I can be.

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