Project Brief 3: Pitch Reflection

It is week 8 and the development of our final project is coming on well.
In the pitch that my partner Blair and I presented, we discussed our main concept: a short film showing a photoshoot, the shot angles we wanted and how we wanted to achieve these.
Our main source of inspiration came from this fashion film made for Chanel:

A week before, we also took some trial shots after hiring a tripod, dolly and track in order to follow our subject who would be on the move (a re-ocurring shot we want is to have the camera constantly moving slowly). The main problem we faced was the tracks not being as smooth as we liked, causing obvious bumps whilst filming – and because we will have a few shots in slow motion, any small flaw will become much more evident.

Another problem we encountered was the use of a drone. We wanted to have a nice, long shot of the city by night to open and close our film – creating a more moody sense but after my friend bought a drone, used it in the city and was told that that is illegal, I told Blair and we decided that it was no longer a good idea. In the pitch, we were told that if these scenes are not essential to the storyline, then we shouldn’t stress over it – but we as a group decided to still have these scenes, just through other means.

At the moment, we have everything planned (location, time, shots, costumes) and will be filming next week in the studios – hoping that the ideas and visions we have in our heads will work well out in real life.

Additional note: talking to Christina today, some more brainstorming and thoughts sharing forced us to think about how we want to delve deeper with our fashion film, and not just have a simple photoshoot that “looked pretty” – one with meaning, a storyline and maybe a message. More thinking will be done over the weekend before our filming day next Tuesday and Thursday.

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