Women in Media seminar – Week 8 - Wrap Up

Women in Media seminar – Week 8 – Wrap Up

I arrived at uni on Monday morning just in time to see the techs rolling up there window and rubbing their bleary eyes. It’d didn’t take long to talk my way into the gear lock up and soon I was flying along with a trolley of equipment to return to the staff in AV loans. They accepted the returned gear with their usual enthusiasm and cheer… And so marked the last physical part of our seminar. The only tasks left to do now were to pass on the media we had painstakingly created and reflect on the our stage of the seminar series.

11223497_10153614596499458_4379798646911451209_nThis was a large project to coordinate and and execute. It had many facets from promotion, staging, catering, booking guests and media documentation.

For me It was a steep learning curve about production and staging. I have always been the sole voice in a lot of the projects I’ve worked on. As a freelancer I was in charge of how I worked and to what schedule. In radio as a producer I had near complete say over the scheduling and choice of content (music, guests). When I’ve worked under people I’ve followed what they wanted to the letter. This project was something different. Collaborative. Democratic.

10624882_10153614600429458_2676288265103429233_nIt was actually quite a thrill to have a group as committed as the one I worked with in ‘Women in Media’ (WIM?). Usually undergraduates at least have a facade of studied disinterest. Not so with WIM. In fact most people in the group were so invested with the project that every last detail was hotly debated. This made the process slow but the results, excellent. This has been an excellent project to demonstrate to me that when people do not agree entirely but come to a compromise, it can lead to a better outcome than either could have achieved interdependently. The schedule I wrote was taken into consideration and reworked. Not obeyed but considered. The staging worked out really well because we drew from 3 different departments in the university. It’s not exactly how I would have done it but the results were faster due to our 25 min set up. WIM were an excellent group to work with and I look forward to seeing where some of these promising young women (and men) make a difference in the media.