Women in Media seminar – Week 7 - Lead up thoughts

Women in Media seminar – Week 7 – Lead up thoughts

Leading up to the event there are still some things troubling me about pulling it off on the day.

1) Sound.

Getting the sound to work on the day and recording it at the same time is normally the domain of an entire department. At the moment we have no-one assigned to it but I hope to get someone onto it at the meeting on Friday. I’ll do it in two ways.

  • The first will be to use the house mics for as live with shouting as the backup, when one of the previous groups had trouble with the sound it made discernibly little difference.
  • For the video we will rely primarily on the house mics recording onto whatever computer that they normally do for lectures. As a backup we’ll just sit a couple of zoom recorders on the table. Hardly pretty but pretty bombproof and certainly better than a lot of  the university panels I see on Youtube.

2) Running to time.

We’ll be on a strict time schedule on the day, whoever is running things will have to have a good watch and be utterly ruthless.

3) Tech issues

Most of the gear we’ll be using is all we could get, there will be very little redundancy in all the tech systems. Obviously I’m comparing this to a live national broadcast but still. If a camera or a light fails we won’t have a backup. We’ll have to make it up on the day. And that can go well, or wrong.