Women in Media - Week 7 - Guest announcement

Women in Media – Week 7 – Guest announcement

Well I’ve been procrastinating with announcing the guest list for a while now but here it is, I’ll introduce them one at a time:

Celeste Liddle

Celeste Liddle is an Arrernte Australian woman living in Melbourne. Currently the current National Indigenous Organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union, Celeste also is a freelancer who writes regularly for The Guardian and has her blog Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist. Outspoken about many issues, Celeste is also passionate about education, politics and the arts.

Ive really enjoyed reading Celeste’s stuff for about a year now and I’m really excited to have her on the panel. I just got back two days ago from the Northern Territory and passed briefly though Arrernte lands. I’ll attach a picture below:


Helen Gaynor

Helen Gaynor has been directing, shooting, writing, and producing drama, documentary and factual content for Australia leading broadcasters for 30 years. She has been commissioned to produce for many of Australia’s leading production houses including, Beyond International, ScreenTime, Southern Star, Fremantle Media, December Media, 360 Degree Films, Wild Fury, Roar Film and Renegade Films. She is currently a Senior Film Lecturer as The SAE Institute of Creative Media in Melbourne, Australia.

Helen Gaynor is an old hand at directing and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say she will be totally upfront. A career on the frontlines of television will do that to you. She worked with some colleagues of mine on ‘Something in the air’.

Mitu Bhowmick-Lange

Mitu Bhowmick-Lange is currently the Director of Mind Blowing Films, a film production/distribution company which specialises in Indian films. Working in both India and Australia, Mitu has written, directed and produced a variety of content for both television and film. Currently the Festival Director for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Mitu is widely known within the Indian film Industry. Most recently, Mitu produced Spice Girls of India, a documentary shown at the Feminist Film Festival in London.

I don’t know a whole lot about Mitu but I really enjoy Bollywood films. I do know she made a doco recently about a spice shop in India. Looking forward to hearing about that. mohanlal-verhomal-spices Hopefully we can sneak in some music too…