Women in Media seminar - Week 6

Women in Media seminar – Week 6

This week I’ve started to put the actual event itself together. I worked on QandA last night and so feel like hosting a panel in front of an audience will be a breeze compared to a national broadcast. We are having a lot of trouble sourcing equipment and staging gear. It seems that everyone has a particular segment of the student population that they adminsiter and the level of lattitude to lend to others is severely diminished. We’re putting the seminar on with gear sourced from over 4 departments in RMIT, none of them are set up stage events by themselves it seems. Here is a list of the gear im planning on using on at the moment.

Staging gear list (Ex rmitv, bld 5):

  • Couches equivelent to 4 seats for 3 guests and host
  • 1 x Coffee table for host position
  • 3 x‘Cityscape’ flats
  • 4 x fake pot plants
  • 1 x standing prac lamp (working)
  • 4 x water glasses
  • 1 x water pitcher

Lighting gear list

  • 3 x redheads (ex building 8 hire)
  • 3 x stands (ex building 8 hire)
  • 3 x inline dimmers (ex building 8 hire)
  • 3 x dedos (ex building 8 hire)
  • 3 x dedos (ex media techs)
  • 2 x light panels (ex media techs)
  • 2 x stands (ex media techs)
  • blue gel (ex media techs)
  • 6 x extension leads (ex media techs)
  • 2 x power boards (rcd) (ex media techs)

When its all put together it’ll look something like this:

Photo 25-08-2015 1 36 53 pmNothing fancy in there. Its very much modeled on the tried and true models of QandA, The Adam Hills show and Late Nights with Jimmy Fallon.

I’ve also put together a draft schedule for the day:

1200: Technical crew called

12:15: Technical crew briefing

12:30: Equipment pickup Building 9

12:45 Equipment pickup Building 8

1300: Staging pickup Building 5

13:00: Possible gear dump in 80-2-2

1400: Production crew called

14:15: Whole crew briefing and break

15:30: Access to venue and set up

15:45: Guests called to green room

15:55: Audience enter

1600: MC intros host and briefs audience

1602: Seminar Begins!

16:45: Break with catering

16:55: Break ends (with 2 min warning)

17:25: MC thanks and gifts, grade forms returned

17:30: Seminar ends – guests escorted out, de rig begins, video and stills dump footage to head of post production.

1800: Bump out of venue and return whatever gear possible.

1900: Finish (hopefully)

I know the timing seems extremely tight at times but seeing it on QandA I know that when properly organized this sort of thing can be pulled off. I know I said I’d talk about guests this week but we are still confirming the last so it’ll have to be week 7, just before the seminar.