Women in Media seminar – Week 3

For our capstone course ‘Media 6’ we have been asked to hold a seminar series in a section of the media that is of particular interest to us. We then approach experts as guests for the seminar and promote it to the general public as well as the student body. I thought about what interests me in the media at the moment and it came down to freedom of access and speech and diversity in the media. The two go hand in hand ideologically so I just had to wait and see what other people were interested in and hope to join a group that aligned somewhat with these values. Being sick on the group selection day did not help things either but luckily a friend, Alois, was present and signed me up for the group “Women in Media”.

Alois and I both believe strongly in equal opportunity and that this group happened to have some extremely hard working women in it already was the icing on the cake. As an extremely privileged, western, white male I have never really experienced prejudice and all I can do is try to listen to the discussion and understand via the proxy of other peoples experiences. I have also asked the group if in addition to showcasing feminist issues, we can also touch on the lack of ethnic diversity in the Australian media. They have been extremely receptive to this and hopefully our guests will reflect this conscious angle. Below is an interesting video by Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his explanation of his own style of feminism. I largely agree with him though his style does naturally take on that slight neoliberal shadow of choice. He declares that ‘women should be free to do what they want’. This is commendable but I think the respect can be taken one step further to accepting that men and women are different and it would be still better to respect previously undervalued activities that are completed everyday in the off chance that¬†‘women should be free to do what they want’ isn’t as easily attained as Joseph hopes.