Culture and Technology.

Where does culture end and technology begin? Is it technology that shapes culture or is it a certain set of cultural conditions that create an environment for certain technologies to flourish. Furthermore is technology merely the piece of plastic.. or the knowledge of how to use it.

In this reading Murphie and Potts examine the contrasts and relationships between Technologies, Techniques, Culture and Culture/Technology. They first extrapolate on the idea that the phrase “technology” has been a modern development and its definition has undergone several changes in the last century. In recent times however it has come to mean both an overarching presence and specific piece of machinery (Murphie, Potts (2003) p.4). Technique is claimed to be the process of using a technology as well as the thought structures involved. Technique is purported to be a cultural facet which is both effective and can be passed down through a culture (Murphie, Potts (2003) p.5). Murphie and Potts contend that culture is extremely difficult to define and its definition has also changed over the last several centuries. It is Brian Eno that offers the succinct definition that culture is something we could live without (Murphie, Potts (2003) p.9).

Murphie, Andrew, and John Potts. Culture and Technology. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.