Screencasting, What is it and how do I do it?

Screencasting, What is it and how do I do it?

As we move further onto the digital domain our ability to properly articulate our online activities becomes extremely important.

Screencasting is a genre by which you can show your screen directly via a video file. This allows you to show as well as explain activities on your computer to an audience. This is invaluable for technical programs for which a verbal description and still frames would be insufficient to carry the message.

  1.  Your first step will be to download a 3rd part screencasting software. Ill recomend Jing because it’s simple, free and comes on both Windows and Mac.                                                                        Here’s a link!
  2. Install the software on your computer. You know what to do here.
  3. Open Jing and start the step by step tutorial
  4. Create a Jing account
  5. Create a screen capture, maybe a bit like this
  6. You may have noticed by now that Jing outputs in SWF (Flash) files, this is awesome if thats what you need but if it isn’t here’s some free converters!

These are unfortunately trial versions which will leave a watermark, if this gets annoying feel free to give the developers some money. You now have videos which you can keep on your computer or upload to online hosting services to share with whoever you like! I’ll also finetune this process and try to offer an easier and more polished method. For now this free method will have to do…

UPDATE! If youre on a mac use Screentcast X for free, this app is a much more streamlined method than my previous one

Feature photo by Amagill via Flickr