Reflection on feedback

I think that my presentation went alright. I don’t think I prepared enough for specifically what I was going to say. I thought about my world for a long time and thought I understood it well enough to explain it, and even rehearsed that to some extent, but I think it was lost on me how abstract my world was and how important it was for me to make clearer points. This was essentially reflected in my feedback. According to all three panelists my explanations were too vague. I can definitely understand this being a mark against my presentation. I don’t think I was clear enough in linking what I wanted to do aesthetically to the story, to the world. Other presentations that really impressed me manage to draw everything back around to the world, and the story they were focusing on within that world. I think I failed to do so.

Another piece of feedback that I received with some sort of consistency was not explaining the plot well enough – I was mentioning that the characters and the world responded to each other in some way but I should have been more precise as to how this would happen. I think because I’m still not certain on the minutia of the plot I didn’t really want to box myself in, in a way. However the way around this is simply to understand the plot fully before my presentation. I mentioned the climactic scene, the strange and wild party in the forest, at the start of my presentation but neglected to revisit that, which I became acutely aware of with about 20 seconds to go. That was a large oversight on my part, I think it slipped my mind for whatever reason while I was creating my presentation, but it’s a highly important part of the world and I think a more in depth explanation of what actually happens there would have clarified some other confusions surrounding my presentation.

It was noted to me that my idea of a storyboard would be a good idea to express certain elements of how I saw the world. I agree with this entirely, and I’m currently thinking about how I want to go about storyboarding. I’m a terrible artist, so I may end up taking photos – this will work if I’m able to find a good location and make a location reel as well. This was also pointed out to me as a good idea. I think that the location is a hugely important aspect of the story.

Overall I think the impression I got was that there was a general sense of intrigue into the world I was talking about but I hadn’t done enough to cultivate this intrigue. I need to focus on this as I work on my world, as I more or less agree. I think that I have a lot of interesting ideas floating around, but I need to make sure that they manifest in a way that makes them make sense. I’m at least glad that Dazed and Confused meets Twin Peaks was seen as a fairly decent way of putting it. I’m going to specifically focus on making sure I understand what actually happens from start to finish, and that throughout that I know where and when all of the interesting ideas I have are going to come into effect.

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