Hopes for Film 3

Around two years ago now, I chose a Media degree, rather than a Film and TV degree – what I was ultimately interested in – essentially because I thought a broader knowledge would be useful for me. Since then, there’s been a slight sense (not a complete sense) of regret for this decision. One of the major reasons for this is that to this point, the course has been quite far removed from my hopes of a ‘film and TV/other stuff’ form, and closer to just an ‘other stuff’ form. But now, a week and a bit into this studio, it seems very close to what I want from uni, so it’s looking good so far.

What I ultimately want from this studio is to learn practically all the ‘basic’ facets filmmaking, from pre to post production, hopefully resulting in me being close to a competent filmmaker. And I would like a lot of this practical learning, with lots of collaboration, while also perhaps getting a chance to do some more individual based projects. These filmmaking projects would ideally involve a good deal of freedom, but with enough restrictions to keep us guided and grounded.

In terms of the documentary/ drama aspect of the studio, I think it could potentially be very interesting, though I’m still unsure at this point of what exactly it will involve.

By the end of this course, I look forward to having a good understanding of more facets of filmmaking, and I would love to think I’ll have at least one piece of work that I’m proud of, that can usefully build on my skills as a filmmaker.

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