Week 1 Lecture

The first lecture (or symposium? or lecture, and the others will be symposiums? or what’s a symposium) for Networked Media this semester was supposedly the only traditional lecture we would be having, though the way it carried out didn’t exactly scream traditional. A course guide was not really discussed and, apart from the mention of a blog, nothing really gave me a strong indication of what this semester would entail, which doesn’t follow what I’ve come to expect in an opening traditional lecture. However, I did enjoy this lecture a lot – more than most, in fact.

Some points I liked:

– the value of quality over the quantitative measure, particularly in relation to uni

– the seemingly pessimistic, yet actually realistic outlook on university

– the completely non-accidental nature of fiction, and how it is the opposite of ‘real life’

I very much liked the fact that I was made to question why I was at uni, as well as the fact that he didn’t really conclude by re-asserting why we should be here, leaving it to us to decide what our intentions are at university, and this course specifically. I’m not sure that I’ve decided yet, but I’m here.

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