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This semester I decided to explore the way video, alongside audio can depict the inspirational moments of a person’s life.

I originally had 4 possible subjects in mind and after halving that number, I interviewed 2 in order to see who fit my criteria better. I din’t have any strict criteria per say, but I wanted someone who was from a different country and had something they were passionate about, and something that reflected who they were.

Pablo Quintero and Amadu Koroma were the 2 people I interviewed and did a test shoot with and can be seen below.


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.43.40 pm




Pablo is from Colombia and is very passionate about life, in particular soccer.
And Amadu is a personal trainer who is also extremely passionate about life and opportunity and plays semi-professional soccer.

I ran into a few problems with the test shoot with Amadu because it was the first time I had really filmed something like this. We filmed the test in his normal gym in his normal clothes and just used the normal gym lights.

I was really excited to film the actual shoot and planned for the location to be in an abandoned warehouse in Spotswood, the audio to be recorded separately with foley and a brief script to be written to ensure we have a really interesting story to tell.

Unfortunately because Amadu lived quite far away from me, and that it was hard to find a time that worked for both of us, the shoot kept getting delayed. I take full responsibility for this, and I now know how important it is to just go out and shoot things and not overthink them.

Taking the knowledge I acquired into the last minute film I shot of Pablo, I ensured that no matter what happened, I would have something to present. This attitude was necessary in order for me to complete PB5 in order to pass Film 3 but also a good habit to have in an industry sense where a client would be waiting for you to produce something by a deadline.

The video I will present is my fully edited video of Pablo playing soccer with an overlay of audio which I recorded separately.

The video was recorded on my Nikon 5200 DSLR and the audio was recorded off my phone. Next time I will use a proper video camera to film on and borrow a proper boom mic from RMIT.

Overall I am happy enough with what I have done, but feel like I have learnt a lot throughout the course from Paul, but also other students in the class.

Playing around with the audio from my interview with Amadu

Playing around with the audio that I’ve cut of an interview I did in a cafe with my friend, Amadu.

I wasn’t originally going to use this audio as it was a test but I’ve decided to use it to play around with and am hoping to do another shoot next week.

I have cut the audio into all the sections I want to use and am experimenting with different fades.

At the moment I’m using a Constant grain (audio transition -> crossfade) I’m not sure whether it works or not but it’s better than what it was so I’m going to keep experimenting with it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.17.17 am

Looking closer into music videos

While I was listening to some music on Youtube I decided to take a quick break and watch the music video ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ by Drake and from looking at it through a Media perspective I noticed a fault.
It was something that Paul really stressed a few classes ago about when you cut a clip and it was so weird to see such a massive mistake in such a professional video.

Obviously because they were filming it off the one camera it meant that when they re-did the action Drake did it differently one of the times meaning it was out of sync and not continuous.

It’s cool how you notice things like this now you know how it’s all done.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.09.57 pmScreen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.10.05 pm

“People are so scared to lose that they don’t even try” -Kanye

I was watching some interviews to get a bit of an idea of angles and other aspects of interviews and I came across this video.

Kanye is so inspiring and although the editing of these clips is absolutely terrible I would love to make a sort of clip like this with more consistency.

I will look into this further but I’m thinking of asking my friend Ror who has an amazing story which I think would be awesome to get an interview of.

Presentations on Friday :3

So I’ve decided to start my fitness video that I’m super keen to do for after uni finishes rather than rush it and do a poor job at it. Instead I’ve been working on some tests that I did awhile ago. I have put them in Premiere and have played around with the audio and will present that on Friday.

I will also present the 30 seconds my music video I did with a group outside Film 3.

Below is a still from my video…

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.21.28 pm


So after considering a number of different locations, I decided today that I’d like to use an abandoned warehouse that I did a photoshoot in a while back which is very close to where Amadu lives and not too far from the city. It’s in Spotswood, so I might speak to some of the photographers who I know have used it before and see what you have to do to be able to film there.

The other thing I’ve decided that I’m going to do is, because I won’t be able to have as much equipment as I would shooting in a gym, is possibly bring some bars, but just shoot a lot of simple shots, for example Corey suggested using a skipping rope and using the sound for part of the audio which I thought was an awesome idea.

Keeping it simple I think is the key to make this work but I’ll make sure I record plenty of footage so I have enough to play with.

Here’s a picture of the Warehouse:


Yay, can’t wait to get this doneee :)))


So I was hoping to record the audio for the video I’m planning to do tomorrow but I forgot to hire a microphone :S

After catching up with Corey on Monday it was so awesome getting someone else’s perspective on my ideas.

I discussed the script that I was planning on using as a guide, until Corey made a really good point that I should plan it less and just let it flow naturally. After speaking to Paul today he said the exact same thing and something else that really helped me which was to include heaps of cuts. This is something I was planning to do in my audio, but I didn’t exactly think about doing it as much in my audio.

I feel a lot more relaxed recording my audio now knowing that because I feel like there’s not as much pressure to do it all in one take or anything like that.

I’m planning to record the audio early next week perhaps Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday if Amadu is free.

The Script


At the moment, I’m  writing the script of my video.

Amadu and I have decided to make two separate videos. One the way I want to make for uni and another the way he wants to promote his business. I’e decided that I’m going to create the footage how I want it to be, and whilst doing so, see if ether’s anything that he wants added. That way, I’ll have all the combined footage but will be able to edit it differently according to the need.

I had a bit of trouble trying to start my script so I decided to just brainstorm a whole lot of different things. I watched some motivational speeches on youtube some fitness related, others related to success and others just a bout life in general. I noted down what I liked and tried to incorporate certain aspects which I felt looked good as much as possible.

One of the biggest issues I faced was trying to make it both personal and relatable. The biggest thing I didn’t want to do was make it cliched. There’s so many quotes and sayings that we’ve heard before which I wanted to include, but not in a way which has been done before.

I love Hip Hop and rap music and it inspires me soooo much and I know Amadu likes it too. I thought it would be hella cool to use quotes by rappers to use, which is something you obviously see in music videos, but not really in motivation videos.

I wrote down a list of quotes, and I’ll write some of my favourites down here:

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives- Drake

Never mind what haters say, ignore them til they fade away – T.I.
Jealousy is a combination of love and hate at the same time- Drake
I decided to look at what other things inspire me and decided to take some inspiration from the Dalai Lama. I really like the Dalai Lama because he’s so down to earth, he says such wonderful things, and the things he says are really refreshing.
I read a book that a psychiatrist wrote whilst interviewing the Dalai Lama and it was so inspiring. He spoke about the material things in life, and how our happiness level fluctuates depending on those material things. The important thing to do is make sure your overall level of happiness is good, regardless of getting a new car, a new house or a promotion. -Things that make us feel good for a limited amount of time and then just become the ‘norm’ after a while.

Getting Started…

I did my first test shoot on Tuesday.

It was quite short notice but I really wanted to get some film of Amadu recorded before he left for Tasmania for 4 days.

We filmed in the gym Amadu personal trains at, which is called Platinum Health and Pilates. His boss allowed me to film in his gym in exchange of taking some photos of Amadu with some gym equipment that he plans on selling.

So far, everything seems to be going well. I’m hoping to do another shoot when Amadu comes back so sometime next week. I’m just waiting for Amadu to message me back regarding his availabilities.


Here’s a reflection of the last shoot- Tuesday 15th September.

Location- Tuesday we shot in a gym, but considering Amadu’s business is an outdoor bootcamp we will film some scenes outside. (There’s an abandoned factory that I have been to near his gym which I may consider filming in which has really nice natural lighting and lots of space.)

Lighting- Lighting wasn’t too much of an issue considering the shoot was meant to be a test shoot but after today’s (Friday) class I will consider using some artificial lighting to get a nicer colour.

Colour: I got Amadu to wear quite neutral colours because I wanted the feel of the video to be quite ‘dark’ and ‘serious’. He wore a black long sleeve top and black shorts. He also took his shirt off near the end of the video.


Below I’ll discuss some of the problems I had and how I will change certain things to avoid them next shoot.



Having people training in the background at the gym while we were shooting was a bit annoying and if we shoot again at the gym I will plan on going in during a time when not too many people are training.

One of my friends was helping me out with the shoot and was taking photos during the filming. It wasn’t a problem until flash came on and I quickly fixed the problem by turning the camera on no flash but didn’t realise till I watched the footage back that there was a red light flash overtime he took the photo which was really frustrating because it meant I won’t be able to use those scenes in the end product.

Some of the times I felt like I needed some advice on angles and if the lighting was ok etc. Considering the friend I took didn’t know a lot about filming made it hard to ask him what he thought. Next time I’ll ask someone from our class, I just couldn’t really do it because of how short notice it was.

Another thing I’d like to consider is getting some fake sweat. A MUA used it on me for a photoshoot once and it had a really cool effect.

At the moment, I’m writing the script and getting some inspiration by watching some speeches on youtube and from quotes that I’ve read that I like.

My uncle is an audio masterer and is going to help me get some cool free, Royalty free music to use which I’m really excited about.


Here’s a photo from the test shoot. 🙂