Started from the bottom, now we here: the last Media 1 Workshop evaaaaa.

I think I’m going to kinda miss the people in my workshop – experiencing my first ever semester of university, it was nice too see the same faces every week on a Monday afternoon. But I’m sure I’ll work with some of these people again throughout the remainder of the course – or just see them walking about at uni. On to bigger and brighter things for all of us!

This last workshop was a very reflective one – very fitting for the occasion. Starting the session with a look back at what we had done in Media 1.
BLOGS: reflections, evaluation/analysis, critical thinking, development of understanding, drafting/editing, working in public domain, copyright, making connections, online content, etc.
PRODUCTION: images, text, video, audio/sound, editing, redrafting, technical skills, affordances, narrative, etc.
WORKSHOP: presenting work, receiving feedback and critiques (HATS), research, class exercises, etc.
LECTORIALS: listening
READINGS: reading
This class brainstorm looked better as a mind-map on the whiteboard-wall, ah well. This will have to do.

Our next task was to represent our development through the first semester of the course (Media 1) through a graphical evaluation. Of course, I managed to screw it up (a little), having forgotten about the positive/negative axis. So there are rises and dips, rises are good and dips, not so good. But if you can read the notes on the side of the paper, it is all explained.


1. How much have I learnt about making media objects/stories? (purple line)
From this semester at uni, I’ve definitely learnt a lot about the importance of narrative, as well as the techniques to properly apply narrative to story/piece of media. But on the other hand, I also learnt how narrative isn’t always applicable/necessary to make a story. I’ve also realised the importance and effect of editing. Editing is key, editing changes lives. Towards the end of the semester, I seem to have dipped the line – however, during the production of PB#4 I learnt that collaboration/communication/teamwork is also essential to creating a group made piece of media.

2. What is my ability to work independently in unfamiliar ways or with new systems or tools? (orange line)
I have had experience working with media systems and tools throughout VCE – but the media course at uni has led me to unfamiliar territories, that I think to have adapted to relatively well. Especially working with unfamiliar/new people and working with them with new systems and tools. More so, I believe I have furthered myself in being to able to create more professional pieces of media.

3. How much do I understand and think critically and creatively about what I make? ( blue line)
This is my big, blue rising line! Definitely the area that I think I have improved on the most. And will have the opportunity to continue to improve, throughout the remainder of the media course/future endeavours. The first semester has taught me so much about stopping to think critically of the best way possible to create a piece of media.

4. What is my understanding of the role/value of the blog to me? (yellow line)*
My understanding of the blogs definitely lacked at the beginning of the semester, and kind of plateaued throughout the degree thus far. However! From about weeks 8/9 onwards, I started to feel the importance of these blogs, and how they truly reflect my time at RMIT and being a student of media studies in general. Having something to look through/read and be proud of my time will be amazing to see in the future.  * This yellow definitely needs to be heightened from week 9 onwards – blogging doesn’t seem as tedious as it did at the beginning of the degree and I can now say I enjoy being able to express my thoughts/interests in all things media.

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