Structuring the multimedia essay

For the media essay, I’m going to focus primarily on film distribution and how that’s changed and evolved over time and how it will/could start changing and evolving in the future (essentially, see prior blog post for more detail).

The way I structure the blog post is going to be a whole different problem. I’ll be referencing academic sources, but it won’t (or shouldn’t) read like a typical academic essay. We have to incorporate textimages, and video or audio (obviously video works better for talking about film).
What comes immediately to mind is to set it up like a modern blog post not dissimilar to something you might see on Elite Daily. So essentially, it would have a lot of text, with intermittent videos or images that are relevant to the previous paragraph or even set within the paragraph itself. Almost like an interactive journal article. I could use clips from films (sourcing them appropriately and where they fit in, of course), stills from films or info graphics on distribution practises, etc. Obviously the content of the multimedia will change and grow as I come up with the exact content of the essay. I think I will probably include quite a few links out as well, potentially referencing things the reader can click through to as they read.
That’s all just brainstorming though. We’ll see what the final product actually looks like.
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