Brainstorming the media essay

This essay is really vague. I have an idea of what aspect of media I want to tie it into, (filmmaking/production), so now it’s just down to me to figure out how to connect that to the prompt.

It seems like the best way to go about it is to take the phrase “What underlies such change, however, are the principles of distributed content production and sharing, folksonomies, trust networks and having access to skills that let you collate and build with these varieties of content and knowledge…” and tie it in with the issue of film production and distribution and where that might go in the future. I just did a lot of research about this in my Australian Cinema class, but that was more focused on Australian film distribution and the challenges it faces. I think for this particular assessment I would focus more on the film production and distribution as a whole. For example, the necessity of going to film school (or lack thereof), the ways films are being produced and the growth of technology in that area, and the way films are being distributed (i.e. through the cinema, and pirating).
The questions at the end of the assessment brief (and my answers) are below:
What might you need to know about? Current and past film production/distribution practises, and potential growth or growing markets in both sectors
How might this affect how you make media? Well, did switching from primarily to digital from film make a difference to anyone? This will also tie into past/present/future practices
How might this affect how you consume media? In five/ten/twenty/fifty years time, we could all be watching films primarily on iPhones. or on something like Google glass.
How might this affect how this is distributed? Again, it will primarily fall back on pirating. Will the film industry find a way to profit off of people watching and downloading their films? Will the primary source of consumption go the way of music and be something like iTunes? Films cost a lot more time/money/man power to make than songs (not in anyway simplifying creating music, stay away trolls), and yet there’s the same demand to be able to access them for free the same way music was 5 years ago.
Could the media in itself change? Absolutely. Filmmaking has changed exponentially over the last decades, from implementing sound and colour to being capable of being in 3D. There are infinite possibilities to explore in that sense.
I think my biggest challenge with this will be narrowing the field down and focusing the essay so it’s not just a long rant that goes wherever my brain goes (following the idea is not always good if the idea is a white rabbit that takes you to Wonderland). My first step (outside of talking to my classmates and Jason) will be to head to the AFI library, to have a chat to them and find any relevant materials I can source.
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