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IM1 – Circle #3

Untitled from Rebecca Skilton on Vimeo.

IM1 – Circle #2

IM1 – Circle #2 from Rebecca Skilton on Vimeo.

IM1 – Circle #1

IM Circle1 from Rebecca Skilton on Vimeo.

Film/TV1 – Question 1

Writing your goals and desires is a good way to keep in mind the reason why you’re doing something – obviously. I always have something in mind that I want to achieve, but it’s usually very vague, with no real strategy on how to get there. I’m hoping to change that. For Film/TV1 my greatest…

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IM1 – Lecture Week 2

No lecture this week due to Labor Day!

IM1 – Reading Week One

This weeks reading was by Judith Aston & Sandra Gaudenzi, titled¬†Interactive Documentary: Setting the Field. Found Here for anyone interested¬† So basically, this article speaks all about idocs. What are they you ask? Well, thanks to this article, I now know that idocs, can be defined as “…any documentary that uses interactivity as a core…

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