Goals, desires – what I want to get out of Film TV1

From this course I would like to explore my own creativity, discovering its strengths and limitations.  In terms of my limitations I want to be challenge them further and see if it is not something which can be improved upon.  I think this will mainly be in the proposal and construction of story outlines and ideas as well as the script.

I am interested in learning about the different ways you construct a film or TV show depending on its genre and how the use of production elements can convey a message to the audience and set there expectations as to what may happen.


Week 11 Unlecture

I feel like I may have already alluded to this in my discussion of the week four unlecture.  The idea that social networking and other online communities don’t provide you with any content.  In fact the content is provided by the people who use it, the websites just provide the means by which you do it, and yet these companies still make millions even billions of dollars by selling your details to commercial companies.  Adrian highlighted the fact that he does not use networks such as Facebook because they make there money by selling things that we provide and that we do and we never see any of that money returned to us.  In fact all people really must do in order to make money in this social networking industry is find a new and exciting way in which people will freely and willingly generate there own content.

People Everywhere

One thing that often crosses my mind when I am walking amongst other people; or particularly on the train.  Is that all these people, these strangers lead lives just ass complicated as mine; they all have thoughts, homes, and loved ones.  But for that one moment that we pass on the street or the hour we may share a train for we have something that links us.  The chances of me ever seeing these people again is not very high however this is the part which freaks me out.  There is the possibility that these strangers will one day become something very important in my life, that one day 0ur paths may cross in a more significant way.

The many ways to eat a banana…


A weird thing that I have noticed just recently is that not everybody will peel and eat a banana in the same way.  Which is not really all that weird when I think about it considering the obvious fact that everybody is in fact different.  I eat my bananas by peeling it down (usually in three parts) just far enough to have a couple of mouthfuls and then I peel it down a bit more.  Other people peel it all the way down until there is just a enough room for them to hold it at the bottom so as their hands don’t get sticky.  Both these ways are acceptable to me.  I do think it’s weird when people completely peel there banana and then hold it without the skin making their hands sticky and putting unnecessary germs onto their food .  However I have also seen some very strange individuals who, in order to peel it – instead of just using  a knife to cut off the top or using their hands, bite it!  I find this very strange indeed – banana skin tastes disgusting!  I just don’t understand.