Reading 04.1 Nelson.

The computer and now the personal computer, have opened whole new realms of disorder, difficulty and complication for humanity. With so called “computer basics” and so called “computer literacy”, beginners are taught a world of prevailing but unnecessary complication.

Hypertext- a text which is not constrained to be linear.

Nelson’s excitement about the abilities of the hypertext spilled out the pdf, so fascinated the that hypertext would allow writers and readers to explore a new depth to writing that heretofore was considered impossible. That this new way is unrestricted by sequence, and therefore allow us to better match our structure with what we are writing about.

But, I quite like linear. I like it’s rules.
Whilst I do appreciate the things achievable due to the hypertext… and i do constantly reap in the benefits with its ability to link, and access to limitless sources and, well, just everything.
I like the rules i’ve been conditioned to when writing. I like beginnings, middles, and ends. I live for temporal satisfaction when i finish a hard copy of a book or television series.

When Adrian commented on one of his posts saying that we’re naive because we assume were network natives because we can work Facebook and mum can’t…I was sort of stumped, I mean like obviously I do know more than all members of my family members and that I am some what network literacy savvy but perhaps not as savvy as i’d like to think and perhaps this is what is creating my bias for the old fashioned linear way. Whilst having no limitations excited others and give them room to explore depths they’ve only dreamed about, it makes me want to run to the hills and get out my paper and pen.

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