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Journal Prompt #5- Sound

Flight starts off with ordinary sounds. Car tyres on the road, breathing, a door slamming. The sounds are diegetic, atmospheric and expected. Once the figure puts on a pair of shoes he finds on the ground, a new layer of sound… Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt #6- Lighting

Not So Fast is a short film I discovered while searching No Film School is a great place to find resources on all things filmmaking, and I was browsing the site for information on lighting for this journal prompt… Continue Reading →

Project #2- Homage

For my final project, I have decided to draw upon the stylistic and artistic choices of a short film entitled “PAINTED”. PAINTED follows a fairly simple structure; it opens on several panning shots through an abandoned building, establishing the location… Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt #4- Pipilotti Rist

Entering into MCA’s latest exhibition wasn’t just a simple walk through a gallery; it was a transformative adventure through a dynamic visual wonderland. From the moment I stepped into Rist’s exhibition, I felt invited to explore the relationship between nature,… Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt #3- Editing in Video Art

About The clip above is a video art project made by an Irish art and design student I found online. Entitled “Waking”, the two and a half minute piece is based upon the sleeping disorder Aware Sleep Paralysis, or “waking… Continue Reading →

Journal Prompt #2- Dissecting Television

I’ll be honest; I don’t watch much Australian free-to-air television. With the easy accessibility of advert-free British and American programs online and the presence of services such as Netflix, I rarely find myself waiting for a program I want to… Continue Reading →

New Year, New Studies

This year I have enrolled to undertake Video Art as an elective. I dabbled into the depths of this art form in high school, and am keen to dive in and explore the medium more thoroughly. Below is an example… Continue Reading →

The opposite of Inspiration (Back Post)

This music video has completely destroyed the respect I had for Taylor Swift. After years of battling bad press, sexism and stereotypes, Taylor Swift made a glorious return to character with her last album, 1989. 1989 received overwhelmingly positive reviews from… Continue Reading →

Inspiration (Back post)

This week I am looking towards the music video for the 80s classic Take On Me by Norwegian synthpop band A-ha as my source of artistic inspiration. This music video often appears in the top end of “best of” music video… Continue Reading →

Too many cooks in the editing booth

Editing in a tiny booth with three other people was a nightmare. No working air-con and clashing personality meant that our editing process ended up being a cycle of someone re-writing over somebody else’s work. By the time I figured… Continue Reading →

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