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September 18, 2013 by oliviapaterson   

What kind of genre is an interactive documentary? Is it still a documentary or would you say it is a new genre because of the hypertextual interface?

  • Genre is never just about the textual form
  • Genres are also always about the industries that help create them
  • Interactive documentary allows for a more creative and unfixed approach to documentary genres.
  • The conventions that hypertext have introduced effect the way we read other texts.
  • All stories make truth claims for example: in The World or A World.
  • Genre-on the one hand you can argue that documentary is the genre but you can also argue that there are genres within documentary. One being interactive documentary.


If, interactive narratives have no singular, definitive beginnings and endings, then what would be the constraints for an author of interactive media to control the interpretation of a narrative?

  • Authors cannot control the interpretations of the audience.
  • Authors have no way to control their thoughts and should not claim to do so.
  • What we interpret is text not authors.
  • What rhymes with shop and you buy at the butchers…what do you do at a green light?
  • Hypertext allows and encourages you to generate and imagine how two separate situations can relate, as we need to find a connection between the two.


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