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Lecture Notes BETA SYMPOSIUM 2

August 30, 2013 by oliviapaterson   

How does Hypertext relate to storytelling in different Media formats?

  • programs that allow you to navigate your way through film. can be random how the links are made between the films.
  • the experiences that go with hypertext- meant to be linear but jump all over the place this is becoming the normal.
  • “i’m a Hypertext theorist” – hypertexts gives an archaeology its dated but present.
  • text- that has multiple relations to other text
  • joined to other things in multiple ways
  • not about navigation- navigation is only theory its not just about the reader. not just about giving agency to the reader.
  • the thing with hypertext is you come back to things, though you might think that “oh i’ve seen this already, whats the point” it allows you to take a second look, a second chance to process that information.
  • its like storytelling in a musical poetic form- repetition is ok.

Is the work we publish online only validated one it it viewed/consumed by others?

  • No, example a personal journal. not intended for anyone to see. but is still helpful to you. ┬ájust because people view it doesn’t make it more valid.
  • ontology- what is it if it hasn’t been viewed by anyone? our blogs don’t exist until people view them- divided opinion.
  • when we write in a blog it exists with an audience or not. difference between wether we need an audience to validate what it actually is.
  • the beauty of blogging is that you can write for an imagined audience and if you keep to that style a real audience or readership will come.
  • a link on a webpage is the way to get google ratings on your website- a way the get an audience.

Do you think the digitalisation of literary texts and the use of the E-reader will eventually replace the physical book completely?

  • example- theatre and film
  • no the physical book has the potential to become a collectors item?
  • libraries- they will still be available?
  • value of the book- you can’t rip pages out of a book because its a book, they almost have a sort of sentimental value.
  • if you take the word literary out of the question it immediately changes.
  • take literature out of the question and they are dead.
  • the only way books will survive is through literature.
  • another problem about books it the environmental footprint of making a physical book….it will become a digital footprint…it will still be literature but it just might not be in a book anymore.




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