Feedback and Reflection

Great that the boyfriend is dead, alive and hidden. I wonder if you need to think the difference in how the world is shown if they are shown and if you make that choice to show him visually. How will it change your world? Obviously, it’s going to be perhaps different to how you usually show.

One of the feedbacks that I received was to consider showing how the dead boyfriend is alive and how it will change the world. Yes, I will be showing the dead boyfriend. He will appear in the protagonist world and the world itself. However, in the world, he only appears when the protagonist is around. The world will look different when the protagonist and boyfriend are together. At the same time, I do not want the audience to know that the boyfriend is dead. I still want him to be relatively alive in the minds of the audience. Honestly, this has been on my mind for the longest time on how I should overcome this obstacle. I feel that if I show too much to the audience, they will be able to pick up really fast that the character is actually dead and that the protagonist is mental. I want to show a Bonnie & Clyde style where the couple works together in choosing the victims but the protagonist does all the killing.

I decided to map out the worlds to have a clearer view on what is going on in this respective worlds and how they connect. The protagonist world and the boyfriend world. Both characters co-exist in each other world.

The protagonist world consists of the people she may encounter, the locations she frequent to and how her minds work when there is a target victim. The boyfriend world is rather smaller than the protagonist world. The boyfriend appears indoors in closed places of the locations the protagonist visits. The reason is to make the world consist of just the two of them and no one else. It will give a sense that no one around them can see them together. I want the scene to look more intimate in that close space to show how close their relationship is. I have added an important point to the physical image that the boyfriend has in that world. It is a thought in progress but I was thinking if his clothes should remain the same or not. If it is the same does the clothes and he slowly deteriorates as the story moves forward. Also, will his face look pale or unwell as though he is going to die? I feel that this plays an important part in the world. It will help create the character image and set the tone of the boyfriend world.

When the worlds collide, the setting of the world changes. The temperature decreases and the atmosphere in the room become colder. The world becomes more tensed. The snow outside is snowing heavily which adds onto the atmosphere when they are together. There will be a difference in tone change too. It will be a darker shade of blue so that it will emphasise the mood of the world when both characters are together. I am increasing the level of mood and pace when the characters are together so that there is this deep focus on these characters. It will show how small and dense the world is when they are together.

Mapping out the worlds make me realised that I will need to take note of the change in the setting between the worlds. It must not be too drastic because it may cause a sudden jump in pace and scene. It needs to be a smooth transition from one world to the other. It has also made me think of the colour palette between both worlds though it is the same colours but it will be in different shades. Though each of the worlds is in progress, I am able to see how the elements affect each other in the bigger world.


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