Project Brief 1: Story Approach

I created a protagonist based on a stereotypical background based on his job, position and the way he dresses. When I knew what kind of job I gave to my protagonist the setting was somewhere the audience can easily imagined. While I was building up my character I thought about what ways to change the outlook of my character and by having that particular characteristic in the protagonist it has helped me to further developed the action and event of the story. From there, I plotted the sub-events leading to the climax of the story. The desire in the protagonist is not obvious but more of a subconscious desire that he does not realised. The main goal is obvious in the beginning but it changes because of the protagonist subconscious desire. It is more about the character hiding something that most people do not know about. I added a few other characters in which it will tell us more about the protagonist. There is a past relationship that could explain why the protagonist acts that way.

The reading materials that mostly influenced my story was The Substance of Story by Robert McKee. His material lays the breakdown of making a protagonist and how the characteristics influences the other action, event and audience. It helps to build the protagonist in my story. The Philosophy of Short Stories by Brander Matthews material did help me too by “make the beginning all wrong” because of the false stereotypical I have in the beginning. He also emphasise on one action, one place and one day. It has influence my story by making sure that there is an action happening in the same location and that it is solved within that day.


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  1. That Special Case uses the readings of Brander Matthews in that the story should be resolved by the end and not to leave to much or anything at all to the imagination. I feel as if the unique overarching element to this story is its sudden genre shift from the crime thriller it is setup to be to the almost satirical comedy it is in the end. In order to further develop this story I would build the character and settings of the earlier events quite drastically, make the audience be sucked in to believe that the story is moving to the crime drama genre that way when it comes about in the end that the bomb is his metronome, it is more amusing. The strengths of the piece really come about in the middle/end section as it gives it that point of difference to what we expect this particular genre to be and how it should end up. However, I believe the setting up of the story through settings, characters and actions could be built up more as per what I said above to make it truly pop.

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