A slow start

I arrived back into Melbourne one week late for classes. This is much unlike me, but I had just arrived back from studying in the Netherlands.

Week one had already commenced and groups had been formed for our radio broadcasts. This only acted as motivation for us to push ahead. By the end of our first class we had already laid down our broad roles and booked in our first session at Triple R.

I have always had a strong direction to work in production and preproduction so I was allocated the role of producer. For me this meant that I was able to really delve deeper into my passion for this area. So far I have had a significant focus on television production and having worked as a production coordinator in this sector I am able to enter this role with a pre-existing set of skills. What I’m really interested to see is how these skills will translate into radio production. Already I am beginning to see how differently a production runs on live radio as apposed to prerecorded television and feel that I have much more to learn.



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