After the somewhat failed shoot, Bliss and I managed to find time to have another crack at it.

This time we managed to make less mistakes and learn more about the process of filmmaking.

We didn’t set up lighting but we did use two cameras to get a variety of angles and shots. One was set up on a tripod and left rolling while I interviewed the boys and Bliss captured footage on her DSLR.

Once edited together it was obvious that the variety in angles really does make a huge difference in the aesthetic appeal of the film.

It did look slightly odd with the different quality of frame between both cameras but it was a significant improvement from the single frame.

Up until this point we hadn’t thought much about background music so for the purpose of this clip we only added a small amount of stock music.

Picking the right music for our interviews is very important in setting a tone for the duration of the interview so Bliss and I have decided to set a side a date to go through a whole lot of stock music and find the one that suits our style and tone best.

While shooting we used lapel mic’s which did create some fuzzy and muffled sounds. I took this as an opportunity to learn more about the lapel mic and find out how to get the best quality sound out of it.

At work the next day I had a chat to the sound recordist at work. I explained to him my situation and how I had already failed once with capturing my sound and now my second issue which was the muffled sound coming out of the lapel.

From him I learnt that there is so much more to recording sound through a lapel than just sticking it on in the right place.

He showed my his bag full of different attachments for the lapel. Stickers that have fur like consistencies on the back to reduce the muffle and tens of different kinds of tape for various types clothing.  He showed me how the positioning of a lapel is key to capturing the right sound and how directional they are.

This made it obvious that the lapel works best in a more controlled environment.

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