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Well, since you asked…

Does the ability to write using a computer rather than hand writing something, affect the content produced? We’re able to share our personal thoughts instantly with a much larger audience than we could without the Internet. It gives us the ability to publish content to an audience with such ease, that thought need not be given in the way it may have if we had to go to the effort of handwriting the opinion and distributing it to 632 individual Facebook friends.

There’s a question as to whether we actually give less thought about what we’re ‘writing’ using a computer versus if we had to hand write it. Would you share that your favourite thing about Wangaratta so far is the shower pressure, that you definitely have the strongest shower in Wangaratta, if you had to write it down on paper in order to articulate it? It may purely be a product of the instant nature of the Internet that we share these things; merely because we can.

Inspired by J. Bolter.


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