“What you write down for your own use should always be available from a screen, not randomly lost and buried. Birthdays; appointments; possibilities to be kept track of…”

Ted, in choosing this quote it’s clear to see I’ve missed the point. Your words went over my head and I read your text in a non-linear, out of order way, choosing to read sentences containing words that caught my attention within the black and white textual mass. You must have intended us to read your profound work this way, photocopied and reproduced on the internet, you said so yourself in the above quote. But it did my head in just scrolling from page to page, where the computer lagged and then jumped and I missed my mark and went too far forward, or backwards.

I understand Project Xanadu never really quite took off, and that HTML is apparently the bane of your existence. – You wanted something more, something better, something uniform and precise, a system of ordering so that information may never be “lost and buried”. You wanted one ring to rule them all – Project Xanadu.

Look at this, bet you didn’t see this coming;


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