Symposium Takeaways

Rachel on technology and art and culture. What was unclear I think was whether ‘culture’ was meant as like art, or more broadly in the way it is used in ‘cultural studies’. As I said today, I think the humanities trips over itself foolishy by putting up a fence (between nature and culture, art and technology, and so on) where fences don’t actually exist. Niamh with notes (quick aside, I’ve met Ted twice and am a serious fan boy, just sayin’), so don’t want to give the impression that I think he’s wrong, he’s not. David on transclusion, and the comment about copyright is interesting as in Nelson’s vision copyright is a bit of a non issue. Louis liked the idea of personal web servers (so do I, it is odd that a structure that is decentralised has relied on such a centralised technical/electrical infrastructure). Rebecca wonders what we mean by technology anyway. Good question. Technology is using a tool to do something. That is it. Anything else is complicating through academicspeak something that doesn’t need to be. What technology does, and lets us do, is the point, not what it is.

Marina on what we didn’t get to. Privacy and narcissism. I think exhibitionism is probably a bigger issue than narcissism, and privacy and online is an oxymoron. Rachel revisits Nelson to get a better sense of what hypertext is and why it might matter.