It’s And all the Way Down

We rarely say what we mean (it’s a condition of language). So a quick riff post symposium.

Print and network and digital literacy, not rivals, not anything. It is not this literacy or that one but and, and, and, and. They are not rivals in themselves but they are if we make them. So English teachers might struggle with networks replacing books, or grammarians might struggle with LOL, and people in science, who publish a lot of research, will never (ever) write a book, and don’t care if what they do write is on paper or not. Start thinking not in terms of this or that but and this, and this, and this, and this. Not because of the network, but this is probably more like the way you are in the world (I’m a husband and a brother and a son and a father and a student and a teacher and an employee and an employer and a cyclist and a person interested in birds and a blogger and…)