A rather hit and miss start to network media 2014 with me trying to repurpose a conference presentation into service. Some parts stuck. Some parts missed, terribly. Key points:

  • industrial versus post industrial media (perhaps make a list of what we think the industrial is, and then what would the counter terms for post industral become?)
  • the decline or scarcity as what defines the media (in relation to making, distribution, access)
  • that scarcity was a consequence of cost of equipment (video and audio equipment was extremely expensive – it still is at the high end)
  • that scarcity was a consequence of industrial/heritage media having very narrow channels (one newspaper published once per day, a TV channel only being able to broadcast one thing at a time)
  • scarcity also applied to university, so we went to university to get access to media making tools (because they were expensive so only in universities…), libraries, films, and experts
  • but this scarcity is now also gone
  • so what is the role of a media degree?
  • it lies in the difference between ‘know what’ and ‘know how’, which is also the difference between explicit and tacit knowledge
  • so learning now needs to be less about knowing what and more about knowing how
  • and so the problem is how to do this, when most of our experience of education concentrates on knowing what (we’re more interested in what your essay says, than in how you went about writing it)