2014 Participation Assessment

Value: (30%)

Due: You complete a participation ‘diary’ every week in class.
An overall result is awarded in your last class (the week beginning October 13).


A participation diary is completed weekly in class. Participation is not the same as attendance. Participation consists of the activities you do in addition to attendance that contributes to your learning. The majority of these activities happens outside of class time, so is not visible to your teacher, but are essential to being able to engage with everything that network media involves.

You will receive progressive feedback about your participation mark in weeks 4, 8, and 12.

The weekly diary is a simple way to make explicit what you’ve done, outside of class, each week. There will audits to validate these diaries.

Submission: The participation diary will be completed at the beginning of every class and submitted. The diary will be compiled by your teacher and evaluated three times through the semester.