2014 blog assessment

Value: (30%)

Due: End of week six, Friday, August 29


The blog that has been established on mediafactory.org.au is yours. It is/can be/has to be used for other subjects through out your media degree. For media students we intend to keep your blog for life (so you can keep using it after you graduate).

In Network Media your individual blog is the key place for you to discuss, note, record, document, discuss, argue about, reflect upon, interrogate, critique (can I stop yet?) what you do. Making, reading, classes, things you notice out and about.

In this subject the intent is to make contributing to your blog as simple as possible using whatever digital resources you have available, so that it can become part of your everyday network practice.

For this assignment you will print five blog posts, attach your blog audit table, and write a short essay to demonstrate how you have used your blog, to date, in networked media. These five posts should provide evidence of how you have

  • engaged with the readings to date
  • engaged with ideas raised in lectures and classes
  • put into practice specific technical skills that have been introduced
  • written or otherwise documented other things that are not just the set tasks from network media

The essay should discuss how you have used your blog to date this semester. What has been good about it? Bad? What has surprised you? Do you think it has helped you? How? Why? How would you like to use it for the rest of the semester? Why?

Academic writing is an argument that makes evidence based claims. We’re less concerned with the form (essay, song, poem), than with the integrity and quality of these three things.

Good writing is clear and explicit in how it answers these questions. The emphasis is on your critical thinking evidenced in your writing through the ideas you explore and how you use evidence. This is not an essay about being a blog fan (or not). If you don’t enjoy it, why? If you do, why? Good work uses more than opinion to make claims it relies on evidence.


Print the blog posts. Attach them to your essay. Attach your completed blog audit form. Submit (yes, on paper) with the usual cover sheet with your teacher’s name clearly on the cover sheet. The program name is your degree, the course is called Network Media, the course code is COMM2219, the lecturer name is Adrian Miles, the tutor/marker’s name is the name of your class teacher.