Welcome to Networked Media Summer Semester

Hello all and welcome to the 2014 Summer semester for Networked Media.  By now you should have all received an email to your student account informing you of how to activate your blog, so just follow the instructions and make sure you activate your spam filter!
As a recommended blog post for after this class I would like you to think about the way you organise your own knowledge.  How do you learn?  How do you make sense of the information you gather?  And how is this related to the way in which you “move” through networked environments?

I will be posting the rest of the readings shortly, but for the moment I would like you to read through these before Wednesday’s class.  The first is about Chris Argyris’ concept of double-loop learning, a valuable piece in that it makes explicit the ways in which we try to improve upon process (or frequently don’t).

The second is by John Mason on Researching Your Own Practice, and finally we have RMIT’s own Adrian Miles on the use of blogs in media education, a fantastic read for those of you looking to make the most of your blogging experience both now and into the future.