Unsymposium 0.7

Last week Brian left us with the intriguing “the 80/20 stuff isn’t what I think really matters in the chapter”, so we will begin this week with this prompt about what does then matter from the chapter.

And then:

  • We often forget that technological inventions are made within a society that has particular values. How does this context get embedded into the technology and shape the way it is used?
  • Does technique drive technology or does technology develop technique?
  • Are there limits to what we define as technology?
  • We’re used to the idea of the internet being characterised as a democratic, open, non-hierarchical technology and space: is Galloway arguing something that fundamentally challenges this?
  • Galloway notes that the future is already here but not uniformly distributed (paraphrasing William Gibson). How does this apply to a network like the internet?

Great questions, Buckley’s of getting through them in the 50 minutes.