Back to my original thoughts

I don’t know if it is my personality or just my own opinion…
I sit in the tutorial listening to the question ‘should network literacy be focussed on in earlier education?’

I understand the point to the question but rather than thinking of an answer I question it further. Why should the world focus more on network literacy?.. Do we depend on the internet/online too much? Is the rise of network literacy going to be the future of education?

Yes I have grown up with the development of online technology but looking back at my education I don’t see thousands of different websites but books, ones I wrote in and ones I read. I’m not saying I didn’t use network literacy throughout my education as I wouldn’t be doing this course without it. I more am focussed on the idea that, will one day books not be needed anymore? Do future generations see books as I see type writing/calligraphy? Will education one day only be taught online?

I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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