Self assessment – Media Industries 2 – Participation ETC

Our seminar turned out really well, [HD!] and I’ve been active in participating and contributing to the seminar. I helped a lot and had a lot of fun!!!! 😀
I participated in all the group meetings and is active in sharing my thoughts but I could have been better in attending the tutorials, since I attended only half of them. Another thing I could have done better is help brainstorm & contact the seminar guests. Since this seminar group had 10+ people we divided ourselves into groups handling different parts of the seminar. My seminar is the digital On The Line seminar and I’m in the design & promotion team. We had another team for post-production. I was responsible for creating the bios of the guests as well as backgrounds for the slides. I assisted in the shooting of the promo video, gave input during editing, and selected the music after consulting my teammates. I was active in the discussion of the seminar theme, our attire, suggesting glowsticks, as well as discussion of refreshments & food and helped stock up on it [bought bottled water]. I helped with moving equipments & props and setting up the staging. I have also helped organize and making sure that we had everything before the actual seminar.
In the seminar series I learned better to work in a team and making sure to be pro active [not waiting to be told to do something].
As for learning outside class, since this is a career course I definitely have been pro-active in looking for possible jobs, contacting people, and etc.
All in all I’m giving myself an 85 🙂

Media Industries 2 – Seminar #3

The FEMME FATALE seminar talks about women working in the media industry. The discussion of the seminar focuses on the differences between working as a woman and a man, in the media industry. The Theme of the seminar was executed really well. The posters were good also smart, because they were black and white so it would be convenient to print. Irregardless, the black and white made it really go even better with the theme. The seminar team wore red and black coordinating outfits that I thought went really well with the overall theme. As for refreshments, I thought the mini red velvet cupcakes were really good and corresponds with the theme too. So High-distinction for the overall theme. The format of the seminar was question and answer. My attention wore off a bit at some points of the seminar because it was a bit plain at times, but the question and answer round had good audience engagement. So distinction for the approach that they took. In the first half of the seminar, the content was not very relevant, as it talked so much more about gender equality and feminism. The guests talked about how females might get a less privileged position when working, even though they are more capable then some of the male employees. There are several jobs that tend to be associated with only men, so women have less chance of getting the job. The second half of the seminar was more informative, as it was more detailed about getting into the media industry. The guests however, were willing to share a lot of their personal experience so we got a pretty good insight of the workplace. One tip from the guests tells us to try and find for a workplace that you’re comfortable with, if not then you won’t be able to be flourished. Credit for content. The promotion of the seminar was done well. As I mentioned, the posters were really good. Distinction for promotion. The overall staging of the seminar was good. I particularly like the warmlight, along with the stage set up and props. There were minor problems with the audio. Distinction for staging.

The overall grade for this seminar is distinction.

Media Industries 2 – Seminar #2

The BREAKING IN seminar talks about the Television industry. The overall theme of the seminar was Breaking Bad. I liked the way they linked Breaking Bad with the Wanted Theme. The Breaking In team dressed up as cops, too. High-distinction for theme. Most of the Breaking Bad theme was incorporated to the promo video and the promotion posters for the seminar. The promo video was a parody of Breaking Bad, and the timing of its creation was on time. The Breaking In team even made [candy] blue meth for this and stuck it along with the posters. High-distinction for promotion. The content of the seminar was relevant and was really focused in talking about the media industry. The guests that they invited had plenty of experience working in TV and they had different positions, and had worked in different types of production. Moreover, one of the guests was Media graduate from RMIT. They offered a lot of tips on getting your foot in the door. Some of this tips include CV making, paying attention to details, getting into networking sessions and seeking internships while still being a student. They elaborated about the work environment of the TV industry and shared some personal experience when working. Distinction for content. Staging of the stage during the seminar was really well. It was well decorated and they used couches instead of stools, which can be pretty uncomfortable to sit in for long periods. They borrowed a lot of props such as green carpets and blue couches, creating this cozy, colorful set. It looked less seminar ish. High-distinction for staging. With this colorful set, they had a talk show format with good audience engagement. The guests seemed like they had fun with the guessing game as well. It really sustained my interest. The use of the applause sign was pretty good to keep the audience engaged with the seminar. High distinction for approach.
Overall grade for this seminar is High-Distinction.

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Media Industries 2 – Seminar #1

The NON FICTION seminar talks about documentary films. The overall theme of the seminar was Pulp Fiction. Theme was incorporated into the posters but not really applied much to the seminar. Credit for theme. The approach of the seminar was in Q&A format and it felt a bit dry at times however, I liked how they approached the guests by presenting a case study [Asylum Seekers]. Distinction for approach. The content of the seminar was overall relevant. It was focused on informing students about documentary filmmaking. They had experienced guests who’s done pretty good documentary work. I especially thought Genevieve Bailey was really informative and provided the audience with really useful tips on working as a documentary filmmaker. She also shared a lot of her personal experiences, such as the making of “I am eleven”. She gave some tips on getting the right interviewees for documentary films. Some other tips from the seminar was when Terry Cantwell talked a little bit about funding, which is useful information for people wanting to get into doco filmmaking. The guests also shared a bit about being passionate in creating documentary films, and to build relationships with people in the industry, respecting them, and to be humble. High distinction for content. Promotion was overall okay. The posters could have been a bit bigger and colorful to be more eye-catching. The promotion of the seminar on social media was executed better with yellow text and interesting images. Distinction for promotion. The staging of the seminar was pretty good as I don’t remember there being any audio or video difficulties but again, it could have been more themed. Distinction for staging.

Overall grade for this seminar is distinction.