Analysis/Reflection 3. Question 1.

Abstract Exercise. 

What this exercise highlights is the thin line between abstract and cheesy, between being able to make a coherent, textured edit or something that resembles a tacky 80’s film clip. Unfortunately, mine resembles more of the latter. I tried to keep my layering of visual simple because of this reason, layering for the sake of layering is how you get an amateur looking result. I tried to form some kind of narrative, or at least coherency, with the juxtaposition of the audio and visual. The audio goes starts with a cityscape that blends into a layering of water and birds that, along with the visuals, kind of resemble a dream-like segment, and then finish off with a more realistic mix of audio and visual again.

Having good quality sound and video was incredibly important. In such a simple exercise where simplicity is key, having good quality recordings make editing a well polished sounding and looking piece much easier.


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