Collective Intelligence – When all of us can be smarter than any of us.

Howard Rheingold. Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. Print. (Chapter- Chapter Four: ‘Social-digital know-how: The arts and sciences of Collective Intelligence’, pp 147-187.)\



Web’s collective intelligence,


use communication media to organize collective action


mass collaboration is about doing your own business more effectively


collective business of self-preservation


the most effective asset we have is how to solve problems collaboratively


virtual communities, like contracts and constitutions, are technologies of cooperation


social dilemmas – are the conflicts between self-interest and collective action that all creatures face in daily life


  – lack of trust in the potential cooperation of others

mutual benefit -> common purpose means the move from self interest to common goals


groups can move from networking to coordination to cooperation, by building trust, communicating and explicitly seeking a common purpose.


“WOW is the new golf”

        – the collaborative mind-set


A networked- rather than hierarchical command and control structure.


Add value to information you find – help others transform it into knowledge by adding context – share not only what you find but also what you think of it.

The participatory skill of curation and some of the collaborative skills of virtual community are fundamental to collective intelligence.

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