Analysis/Reflection 2. Question 1.

The aptly named documentary ‘End of the line’ gave a moving, almost macabre yet accepting portrayal of a small country town populated by the elderly who are all very much in aware of their own mortality. In my opinion, the film set out what it achieved to do as with such a morbid subject the film could have easily taken a much more depressing direction. The film actually gave off a sense of warmth, the acceptance of their mortality by these people made the film quite uplifting, it highlighted the community aspect of the town and gave the impression that these people were content with their lot in life and wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world.

I feel as though this documentary was more about the town of Broken Hill rather than the people in it, it gave me a sense that these people come and go through the town, it is the town that affects the people not the people changing the town. Broken Hill is stagnant, it gives nothing to the young people and the elderly use it and pass it on. This impression is giving off by the various filmic techniques, the feeling of isolation is portrayed with shots of the outback and broken down cars.

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