Analysis/Reflection 1. Question 4.

I am not too sure when the actual documentary started, if it was from the very beginning with the overlapping stories or when the second narrator started talking but this confusion also carried across to the subject of the documentary as it was very hard for me to keep up with what all the speakers were talking about. Obviously the overlapping stories at the beginning were impossible to understand, this was intentional but I think unnecessary and did not set up an easy listening environment for me. These voices continued under the first narrator introducing the stories and faded into a recording of a train which then continued for the entirety of the ten minutes. This monotony made it feel like I was listening to an audiobook rather than a radio documentary, yet the subject matter and the way of speaking made it very difficult to understand and keep up with what was being said. At times the train noises were too loud and the narrator too quiet which added to the confusion. The story did in fact sound interesting but I think a little simplification of the storytelling and possible more variety with the soundscape could have helped with keeping my attention.

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