Analysis/reflection 5. question 3.

In this scene in Blow Up (1966) Michelangelo Antonioni would have to have blocked out paths for his actors as there is quite a lot of movement and detailed shot compositions and framing. Each movement would have been meticulously planned, this is evident towards the start of the scene when as the woman steps up onto a gutter the camera zooms in slightly to reposition the frame. Because each frame has quite a lot of detail, with support beams and various props in the foreground and background, Antonioni would have directed his actors to move at exactly the right time in exactly the right position as to have them share a frame with this detail yet keep the focus on them. This is also evident in shots where he pans with the actors. He has also kept a wide depth of field for most of the scene, the props in the foreground and background are in focus as well as the actors, this flattens the image in the frame and maipulates distance.

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