society not so SMART

Another thing that Adrian said at one of the unlectures a couple of weeks ago is that society and infastructure has to be ready for any new technological developments and innovations. He mentioned a 12 second video Vine like network that never took off because it  happened too early.

Although, there are also technologies that shift the way people think, or at least SHOULD shift the way people think. ‘SMART’ applications still tend to be recieved with skepticism by the general public. SMART meaning the combination of sensor and online techology with data analysis. This is natural progression, managing the mundane parts of life so we dont. Although, the majority of the public percieves this technology with ‘Big Brother’ connotations, and to be honest I too get a little sentimental for the past imagining a world organised by computers.

Take for example London’s SMART bins that were quickly labelled SPY bins by the general public. Ive got a quote written down in my notes from a while ago (sorry I dont know where its from) “technologies are described as intelligent autonomous agents ‘affecting’ a passive public”. Now this is an attitude that has to change, and the only way for it to change, as it has done in the past, is to introduce the new technologies to the masses. I guess, in conclusion, what Im trying to say is that the creative thinkers and innovators are the ones that have their finger on the pulse of ¬†society, they write new chapters with new material when and where it is needed, the general public need a little more convincing.

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